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Shopping Locally

Orenco Station is a community that understands the benefits of shopping locally. The residents have a wide variety of products and services available to them, many of which are produced right in their own neighborhood. Buying locally is smart, convenient, and helps to support the health of your community. The return on money spent at a locally owned business supports the local economy in terms of income, jobs, tax benefits, and community contributions. Additionally, local businesses tend to use the services of other local businesses, thus attracting a variety of professional services to the community. Invest in your community by shopping locall and enjoy the benefits.


Thank you for another great season at the Hillsboro Farmers' Market at Orenco Station!  The Farmers' Market opens again in May 2015--see you there!

For More information about the Orenco Station Farmers' Market, click here: Orenco Farmers' Market.  

Please also visit www.shoporenco.com for more information on all the great shops and businesses at Orenco Station.